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I saw this film the day it came out  (Thursday 20th November) as that's what me and the BFF always do. It's tradition...must see the new Hunger Games film on release date and then have pizza lol. So that's what we did! Sorry the review is so late, but I've been on holiday in Prague. Which I will tell you all about later ;-)

Anyway, down to the review and oh man this film was all sorts of awesome! I've read the books and loved them, so I'm always apprehensive when they make books into films, but seeing as the last two films have been brilliant I knew we were in safe hands with this one! Book two was my fave (Catching Fire) and I really loved the film adaption of it and as it's the same director for films 3 and 4 I wasn't disappointed!

The film was a lot darker than the first two, which is saying something considering the subject matter! But somehow the director managed to go a long with how the books do. By book 3 Katniss and Peeta have been through so much and the worst is still to come that it needs to be darker and more grown up because life is darker for them and they've had a lot of growing up to do. I love how the film reflects this!

Jennifer Lawrence was once again amazing as Katniss. I can't fault this girl in whatever she does. But she truly does bring Katniss to life. She's especially good at acting crazy over Peeta. Is it harsh that I love those scenes? I mean it's obvious that Kat and Peeta belong together, but we've got to have a bit of drama to go with it!

How they ended the film was right where I thought they would. It was about half way through the book. I won't  give anything away in case no one has read the books. I honestly thought though they would have ended it where Peeta gets knocked out and then major cliff hanger! But they went on a little bit further and I guess it does fit in as it ties up a few loose ends and doesn't just end. But the fan girl in me who loves a bit of drama really wishes they ended it with Peeta being knocked out lol.

Overall this film is brilliant like the last two and I can't wait to see the last one (Part Two). I think I might have to read the books again  before the last film hehe I give it 9 out of 10!