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Film Review: Interstellar

There's a new IMAX in our local Cineworld just opened and me and the BFF decided Interstellar would be the best film to go and lose our IMAX virginity  too....and I have to say it was quite an experience, but mostly because the film was amazing.

Christopher Nolan has once again released a film that is just mind blowing! Earth is basically dying and Matthew McConaughey and his daughter "accidently" come across NASA which is no longer supposed to exist as the world is in too much trouble with no food and these weird dust cloud storms that keep hitting them, that anything like that is a waste of money. However these secret NASA guys are trying to figure out a way to save the world and as Matthew McConaughey's character used to fly space rockets (do you fly a space rocket?) He has been chosen to help out.

I won't  say too much more about the story because that would just give away everything  awesome about it...but Matthew McConaughey is absolutely  amazing as the Dad who is trying to save the world for his children and trying to keep his promise of coming back home. The scenes between him and his daughter were so emotional and powerful and when he was looking over some messages he'd  received  from home it was just heart breaking.

To be honest the other guys in the film were good, Anne Hathaway's character grew on me, at first I wasn't keen, but you do grow to like her. And there is a surprise actor in there that was also excellent, but then this actor can't  really do anything wrong. But for me, Matthew McConaughey stole the show. He was so brilliant the other guys just fade into the background.

The way Christopher Nolan portrayed space in this film was actually  quite magical and heart stopping at times! This film was so beautifully done, you just can't  help but be mesmerised by it. And the way he uses music over certain scenes really added to the moments.  There was one bit, which has to be my favourite, where someone is going to open a door and is being shouted at not  to and when he opens it, BOOM! It was the loudest bang you ever  heard  and then silence....After that initial bang, you then watched the rest of the explosion in silence. It was just wow! Everyone in the cinema  gasped and then just watched in awe. That scene alone means Christopher  Nolan should win an Oscar.

Overall this film was just amazing and I recommend you go see it. I know it's nearly 3 hours along, but trust me it is totally worth it! 9 out of 10.