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Film Review - Gone Girl

[This may contain spoilers...]
I've read the book by Gillian Flynn and really enjoyed it (apart from the ending), so I was really looking forward to seeing the film. Because I really liked the book and knew the story was gripping, I was worried that the film wouldn't live up to the hype they were creating, but it did not disappoint!!

The film basically followed the book through out and the actors they chose to play the characters were an excellant choice. Ben Affleck was Nick Dunn, he was just how I pictured him to be and truely brought to life the pathetic and naive character of Nick. Rosamund Pike was fabulous as Amy. She was able to bring the vindictive and manipulative characteristics of Amy to the screen and actually did it scarily well!

I won't reveal too much of the story because if you've read the book, you will already know what will happen and if you haven't, I don't want to give any of the story away because it will completely spoil it. I will just say though, that as with the book, the film also generates a mix of feelings for Nick and Amy. One minute you love Nick and hate Amy, then you dispise Nick and feel sorry for Amy and back and fourth you go until the end....

Now the ending is where I have issues. I really didn't like the ending in the book and had heard that the writer was going to change the ending of the film to make it better. It turns out that's false and it's pretty much the same. But, now that I've seen it on the big screen, I can understand why Gillian Flynn ended it this way. It does make a lot of sense now. I don't think there could be a different ending because Nick is just not as clever as his wife.

Overall this film was brilliant. Even though I knew the plot, I was still gripped. The cast were also fantastic. I give it 8.5 out of 10.