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Film Review - The Judge

[May contain spoilers...]
The Judge is about Henry (or Hank), played by Robert Downey Jr, returning home for his mother's funeral after being away since college. Downey Jr is a lawyer and very good at his job, not letting anything phase him, but as soon as he realises he has to go home, you see that his "perfect" life isn't so perfect and the cracks begin to show.

When he returns home, straight away you see the tension between him and his father, played by Robert Duvall. Once the funeral is over, Hank can't wait to leave and and neither can his Dad, but as he's on the plane, ready to go, his brother calls to say their Dad has been arressted on suspicion of murder. This is where the tension in their relationship really takes off and Hank (being a lawyer) wants to represent his Dad. However, his Dad doesn't want him. This of course leads to a lot of fights, which leads to a lot of secrets that are revealed.

This film deals with what I think a lot of families go through (maybe not the murder part), but parents and children not understanding each other. It shows the heated arguments and the emotions of getting to know one another again. WWhat was excellent about this film was that it was both humorous and emotional. It really brought to life all the feelings these characters were going through.

The parts of the film that really got me were the home movies made by his youngest brother. I broke down watching them. And of course the final part of the trial...I won't go too much into it, but the back and fourth between Lawyer and witness, father and son was heart breaking and yes, I cried! In fact I cried a lot throughout this film.

The relationship between father and son was so fragile and was portrayed so wel by Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr. They brought comedy and sadness and anger and just so much to these characters. I would say thi is the best I have seen Mr Downey Jr.

This film was just wow! It was not what I expected at all. I knew the plot outline and just assumed it would be a "who done it" type film, but what I got was just a rollercoaster of emotion. I loved it...8.5 out of 10!!