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Film Review: Life Of Crime

[This review may include spoilers.....]
Life Of Crime stars Jennifer Aniston as a disrespected wife of a rich man, who kidnapped for her money. One problem though, her husband doesn't like her and wants a divorce, so he's not prepared to pay one million dollars for her return. Although, that's more from being convinced by his mistress, Isla Fisher.

The film is actually very good. I was a little unsure as to whether I would enjoy it, but it's got some comedic moments that are quite funny and some very creepy dramatic moments that leave you wondering what will hapen next.

Jennifer Aniston was the star of the film, she looked amazing (the seventies style really suited her) and she played the part of Mickey really well. There was one moment when the creepy fat kidnapper tried to rape her, that really scared me. She portrayed the victim realistically and proved that women (even in that era) could stand up for themselves by fighting back. In fact, I think this moment was a turning point for this character as it proved to her that she can fignt back and not be a doormat anymore. I really liked the character of Mickey, she didn't just become meek, she stayed strong and fought for herself.

The ending was a very good twist. I won't say anything, as it will ruin the film, but I really liked the ending. It made me like and even respect Mickey even more.

Overall, this was a good film. Some parts were slow and rather odd (the fat kidnapper going of on a weird shotting rampage), but it was entertaining and the ending made it worth while because I didn't see it coming!

6 our of 10 stars!!