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Film Review - Sex Tape

[This film review may have spoilers...]
This film was from the creators of Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, so you know there would be a lot of swearing, rudish scenes and ridiculous situations that only exist in comedic films....and ths didn't disappoint as it had all three!

The film is about a couple (Diaz and Segel) who have been married a long time with a poor sex life because of responsibilities, kids, life, etc., etc. So, to save their marriage (and of course their sex life), they decide to make a sex tape (as you do) which of course ends up getting out...bring on the ridiculous situations!

I have to say the film was really funny and not as rude as you'd expect it to be considering the title! Diaz and Segel have proved once again they work really well together and that they're both very good in this genre of films! In my opinion they were a lot better in this, then in Bad Teacher. They complimented each others comedic performances. But for me, Jason Segel stole the show. He really threw himself (quite literally) into the scenes and had some very good one liners. The scene with the dog was hilarious!!

Hank who was Diaz's boss was also a very funny addition to the gilm. The paintings of him around his house cracked me up and the names of his wife and children was just funny. It was little things like this that was comedy gold through out the film.

I would like Diaz and Segel to do another film together because they really do work well!

Overall I would give the film 8 our of 10 stars :)